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I'm just like every other person with a different view, I just want to be relevant to the world and add value to my society and everywhere I am found.
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5 years ago 8 Comments

How would you feel if everything you say is generally accepted by everybody? Isn’t it going to be great if what ever you say doesn’t have to be scrutinized? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to all questions,… Read More

5 years ago 9 Comments

We leave in a world were blaming the government is now an alibi to so many person’s not being successful.  The government cannot be favorable to everybody at every point in time, but it will always carry out his job… Read More

The Seeing but Blind Generation.
5 years ago 33 Comments

It’s heartbreaking when youths of this generation make certain choices. These people see the wrong habits and crime (drugs, sexual immorality, drinking, smoking, human trafficking, cultism, vandalism, rape, murder)  and still dive in, it’s nothing but a paradox . Youths… Read More

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