So far, seven partners were supported with donations to their charity programs. Partnership is at the core of all we do, and our principal goal is to enable and encourage the selected change-makers to innovate, improve and scale.

In 2017 alone, three schools received the Laipo Reads mobile library outreach and critical thinking classes including discussion on bodily autonomy and children rights. A total of three hundred and fifty books were given out. 13 girls received mentoring over three months during which each girl received three books, and after a period to read each book, discussed child rights, bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive rights. To wrap things up, the mentors took the girls on a date night during which they watched a movie and also did some light shopping, the first time the girls would be to a mall. Read more about Laipo Reads.




In 2017, through the Street to School Initiative, GCE fees for 10 students were paid and in 2017, 5 children got textbooks, notebooks, stationery, uniforms and school fees sponsored.


From 2013 till date, NS Publishing has empowered over 1000 writers, published 20 authors, sold over 10,000 books and donated another 5,000 books to partners including the NwuliaReads Initiative, a non-profit focused on making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children via social inclusion and literary development.



Through, we have been able to connects thousands of Nigerian readers to accessible writing and writers to readers. The website, with almost 9000 members (upwardly mobile Nigerian readers between 16 – 66 years) and 6.8million lifetime views, aims to create an army of people who produce/consume, interact and pay for literary content.

Over the years, about 10 featured writers have received a fixed price each month, and 10 prolific and popular writers paid based on their readership. Another 10 writers also received cash prices from competitions and contests, enough to sustain their craft and encourage further exploits.

Up to 500 Naija stories have been broadcast on SmoothFm, a leading radio station in Lagos through a pioneering radio story sharing program.

1 writer, that we know of and recommended, was able to leverage his online writing portfolio on the site to receive admission into a masters program at a top Australian university.

3 writers have received publishing contracts after being discovered on, one writer connected with a movie producer on the site, who optioned his story and it has now been made into a short film. The film went on to become a darling of film festivals and was nominated for several awards.


We have also supported Mamamoni, who in 5 years, have trained almost 4,000 women with 90% of the beneficiaries starting a business and 99% repaying their loans.

In 2017, we partnered with Bloom Research Jos, by commissioning the production of a research product – to examine the feasibility of establishing a Public Health Research Centre in Jos North and Jos South Local Governments Areas; study current practice and make recommendations.