Education the most important SDGs

Education is the most vital sustainable development goals (SDGs). Education is the key to every one of the 17 sustainable development goals, it has a unique power to catalyze gains in other areas.A quality education is the foundation of sustainable… Read More


As part of my project, I Nathaniel Echiye as a facilitator to Dakata youths in Kano State, lecturing and mentoring them on how to expand their business in their respective endeavors.

Why You Should Volunteer

To volunteer is to give of yourself in service to a cause. It is about freely giving your time to help an organization, your community, or an individual. And this giving of your time and service is done free of… Read More


Since the time I received the first email from Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (Class of 2018), I have achieved tremendous feats as a result of the supportive and development platform this organisation fosters. As the co-administrator of the… Read More

The Purpose Driven Month

The month of May 2019 was a purpose driven month for the Abuja location group. Firstly the group held its meeting on the 10th of May with the aim of preparing for the forthcoming projects and campaigns for the month… Read More