#Votesquad Minna team was awesome

The #votesquad campaign targets audiences both online and offline, meaning social media users who are mostly students and those working, as well as market women and men, commercial bus drivers, Okada riders, full house wives etc. The message is simple.… Read More

Why International Women Day?

After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8, became a national holiday there. The day was then chiefly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries. Finally, in 1975 it was officially adopted by the United Nations.… Read More

Do you Know YOU can start a Business?

Everyone can generate business ideas, do not think some people are talented while others are not. Solve a problem many people have Consider your talent: Perhaps you’re good at something, which could be turned into a business? You can introduce… Read More

MOOC- Masive Open Online Courses

Massive open online courses(MOOC) are free online courses for everyone who have the internet and are willing to dedicate their time. Most people want to develop their career but do not have the money to do that. There is a… Read More

Nigeria Decides Again

  The time has once again come when Nigerians decide on who will pilot the affairs of this great nation for another four (4) years. For a nation that not too long ago transited from Military to democratic political atmosphere… Read More

Bauchi first Physical meeting!

Report SI4Dev. Bauchi State Members Venue: Bello A.A’s residence. This report summarises the actions that occurred at the meeting. The meeting was opened by Habibu Abdullahi, SI4Dev Fellow. Followed by the brief introduction of every volunteer present. In the first… Read More

Port Harcourt Location Group Meetup January 2019

REPORT OF PORT HARCOURT LOCATION SI4DEV MEETING DATE: 3RD January, 2019 VENUE: Mega Grill Eatery AGENDA Introduction Briefing on si4dev activities in the year 2018 Scheduled event creating awareness on world cancer day Plans for our location group voting gang… Read More

The Thief of Time

The everyday thief? Ogiri, pretty faced, curved bodied like the typical figure eight Her beauty, matched with brilliance Academic grades always shone like the Dog star in the darkest nights What a beauty to behold! Time edges closer for examinations… Read More