How To Make Your 2019 Memorable

Ways to make your 2019 Memorable 1. Set Smart Goals 📝📝 I am sure everyone has what they want to achieve in a year, setting smart goals will make that very easy for you to achieve it. Setting goals keep… Read More

The Monkey Village

The Monkey Village The village, inhabited by monkeys So it sounds like the dangling bunch of keys Can we take a walk, as long as you please? Here are a people, loving and happy The source of happiness, a mystery… Read More

SI4DEV Nassarawa KANO – December Meeting Report

10th meeting agenda for si4dev Nassarawa KANO location on 1st December, 2018 @ American corner, KANO state library complex. 1.Arrival 2.Opening prayer 3.Introduction 4.Last minutes report 5. Adoption of last minutes report 6.Matters arising from last minute report 7. Up… Read More

World Toilet Day

When my dad enrolled me in primary (Basic) school as a child, i was very happy because i found the school environment quit fascinating. I could see beautiful structures, standard football pitch/play ground, dinning hall, serene environment, adequate toilet facility… Read More


It has been a remarkable experience at the first summit of the Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative themed “ A pathway from community-Driven development projects to community-Led development”. My expectations before the program was to learn and connect with… Read More