Ready to change Nigeria? Your vote counts!
And when you vote with friends, it’s more FUN!

Create a #votesquad to get more friends and vote buddies

Steps to create and start your #votesquad!

Step 1: Pick at least 3 of your friends with PVC to be part of your #votesquad.
Step 2: Decide on a name for your #votesquad, could be anything you like!
Step 3: Share photos with hashtag #VoteSquad on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
Step 4: Find out or have your #votesquad decide your selected or nearest polling unit.
Step 5: Show up to the polls on February 16 and March 2 with your #votesquad.

As the leader or member of the squad, it’s up to you to make sure your squad is ready to vote.
If you need help forming your #votesquad or want to join one already formed, send a chat to Patricia at 08063318016 with “#VoteSquad and name of the town/city where you live” to get details.

Click on the links below for more:

1. To check your voter status

2. Collect your PVC before February 8 2019

3. Find out your nearest polling unit.


Have you formed a VoteSquad? Tell us about it in the form below!