SI4DEV is committed to empowering community leaders who are working towards a 21st century Nigeria where every citizen has just and fair access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential. We are an NGO registered in Nigeria as Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative with the Corporate Affairs Commission in November 2017 (IT-103154). SI4DEV is an affiliate organization of The Spring Development Initiative in the United States.

We offer the capacity building, collaborative forums, funding support and research products that community leaders need to implement strong governance systems and to improve the education, economic and health attainment of their communities. Our programs focus on training and supporting community leaders to develop, implement and scale innovative products, services, and action plans for key policies and target populations.

The Problem

Several communities in Nigeria are under-served and neglected mostly due to lack of good governance, however, inadequate access to knowledge and resources also negatively affect the reach of potential and aspiring community leaders. While these community volunteers are very passionate and innovative in their efforts to lift their communities out of poverty, there is an observed gap in their project planning, execution and reporting skills which limits their impact in trying to create sustainable development and long-term social change.

The Solution

Through SI4DEV, we provide training programs, technical assistance, collaborative forums and seed funding to our partners. Partners span various sectors and include government officials and policy makers, healthcare providers, educators, civil society and faith based organizations, political and business leaders.

These stakeholders will in turn inspire and influence their communities and champion the use of innovative and evidence based strategies to achieve lasting results in governance, health, education, and enterprise. Our diverse experience in community-based partnership activities allows us to scale some of our previous impact and develop new programs and pilots.

SI4DEV believes that grassroots civic and community leadership is the bedrock for positive social change. We bring together individuals and groups and equip them with practical skills towards achieving strong governance, improved health, quality education and economic development for their communities.

Our pathway to equity is through supporting strong governance systems; to achieve health, education, and economic development of local communities. We therefore empower our partners by providing the tools, resources and inspiration they need while taking action to change their communities for the better. We equip them with training and experiential skills in core areas like needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability.

SI4DEV 2018 Annual Report

Our Vision

A just and fair society with more community participation in governance, accountable leadership, sustainable businesses and access to high-quality health care and education for all.

Our Mission

Train and upskill community volunteers on how to successfully implement community driven projects, how to effectively access resources to be able to deliver a better quality of life for local communities and how to contribute to sustainable national growth and development.

Strategic Goal

We aspire to develop a nationally recognized framework that allows local leaders to successfully drive and improve governance, health, entrepreneurship and educational development in their communities.

Meet the Team

Ifeoma Malo



Ify Malo is the CEO of Clean Tech Hub and the Energy Innovation Center, Abuja. Read more…

Nkem Akinsoto


Managing Trustee

Nkem Akinsoto is a public health and research expert, and the founder of many things. Read More…

Akin Akinsoto



Akin Akinsoto has an expansive experience in software engineering and startups. Read More…

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