SI4DEV supports work in four areas – enterprise, health, education, and governance – through local partners in Nigeria. Partnership is at the core of all we do, and our principal goal is to enable and encourage the selected change-makers to innovate, improve and scale. Since 2010, we have financially supported the following partners and look forward to doing more. Please click on the heading areas below to read more.

Education – SI4DEV believes that education is the bedrock for national growth and development. And in our experience, when it comes to literacy and education, community members know their needs best as has been shown by our partners. For lasting change, communities must decide on how to improve their educational opportunities and success measures, and the Initiative is poised to help them come up with ideas to create new infrastructure and change from within.

Enterprise – Our vision under the enterprise focus area is to empower our partners and ambassadors through access to entrepreneurship training, networking and mentoring opportunities, financial and technical support, and to support them as they work with policy makers to create a strong system for small and medium businesses.

Health – Our health network provides a forum for stakeholders to advocate and engage on health related local issues, including the medical and public health sectors, policy makers and non-governmental organisations. We promote individual and collective campaigns, towards ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all.

Governance – Our governance focus area aims to create a collaborative of young people, empowered through capacity development and knowledge-sharing, who will become active citizens and serve as catalysts for change in strengthening Nigeria’s democracy. We will promote campaigns for good governance, improved service delivery, transparency and accountability.