Thank you for wanting to join SI4DEV by becoming a member, fellow, intern or ambassador for projects/programs dedicated to-nation building.

Members – Members pay annual membership fees of varying levels and are entitled to attend the annual general meeting and vote/contest to become executive officers. They will also receive training if needed to act as coaches and mentors to other volunteers. Find out more on how to BECOME A MEMBER or APPLY HERE.

Ambassadors – Ambassadors will support SI4DEV in expanding our partnerships by identifying and cultivating members in their local/focus area. Find out more on how to BECOME AN AMBASSADOR or APPLY HERE.

Fellows – We welcome government officials and policy makers, healthcare providers, educators, civil society and faith based organizations, political and business leaders to join our diverse and influential network. Find out more on how to BECOME A FELLOW or APPLY HERE.

Interns – Volunteers 16 years and above living anywhere in the world will benefit from online training modules, including in person workshops and seminars. Students shall not be discriminated against based on gender or ethnicity. Find out more on how to BECOME AN INTERN or APPLY HERE.