Ify Malo is the CEO and co-founder of Clean Tech Hub and is one of Nigeria’s leading energy access experts. Ify is also the Nigerian Country Campaign Director for Power For All, a global coalition of 200 private and public organizations campaigning to deliver universal energy access before 2030 through decentralized, renewable electricity. She leads the Nigerian campaign to promote distributed renewable energy in Nigeria and helped set up and incubate the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN). Ify advises a range of government agencies on how best to support market growth, and engages both the national media, the faith community and donor groups and agencies in the promotion of distributed renewable energy.


Habiba Ali is a pioneer in the renewable energies field. She is the founder, managing director and CEO of Sosai Renewable Energies, an innovative company that brings reliable and affordable renewable energy products to those in Nigeria who need it most. Her sustainable energy solutions provide communities with unforeseen economic growth, increased capacity and the potential for greater business development. Sosai offers solar lamps, solar home systems and water filters for the rural and peri-urban communities of Northern Nigeria. Sosai also empowers communities and businesses with solar technology ranging from rooftop solar panels, solar home systems, 10Kw Micro Grids for communities, solar dryers and integrated energy centers.


Currently at Microsoft USA, Akin Akinsoto has had an expansive career in software engineering, having worked for blue-chip companies in both in the UK and the US; and his experience in the IT industry has led him to appreciate the value of information in guiding choices leading to better developmental outcomes. Akin was in the technical team which founded CR Services, Nigeria’s Pioneer Credit Bureau Operator, and a strategic partner of CreditRegistry Corporation USA. In addition, Akin has a passion for education, which has led a diverse experience of volunteering in his local community in the Seattle area.



Also known as Myne Whitman, Nkem Akinsoto co-founded Strategy and innovation for Development Initiative with Akin Akinsoto as a platform for maximizing the efforts of those identified as potential leaders and change makers in developing their communities. Nkem brings over 15 years of experience in development support, networking, health promotion and project management to the board of trustees. She received a Master’s degree in Public Health Research from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and currently works as a Program manager with UW Medicine, one of the premier Academic Medical Centers in the United States.


Amanda Obidike is an Advocate of safe spaces for people living with disabilities in Nigeria. She has over 7 years of experience spanning in Human Resources, Administration, Project Management and Sales. She is a 2018 fellow of YALI who recently received the Most Influential Leader, Best Leadership for YALI West Africa and a Mastery Award in Business Intelligence, IBM. Currently, she is the co-founder of Initiative for National Growth, where the focus is on Building Social and Emotional capacity in the disabled, people with special needs and training its caregivers. In 2018, she successfully trained, mentored, secured job collaborations and support for outgoing students from School of the Blind, Nigeria and the Autism center in Media/ Publication houses and Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industries. Seeing people with special needs live fulfilled lives, propels her to keep the vision; thereby, leaving a lasting mark on the plight of disabilities in Africa to foster the inclusive mantra as championed by Nelson Mandela.


Grace Jimbo is a community focused development professional with over ten years’ experience, a bachelor degree in Medical Microbiology from the University of Calabar, and a Postgraduate diploma in HIV Education and Management from the National Open University. She is undergoing her Master degree in Health Policy and Health System Research. As the Project Manager for Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme under a Global Fund programme, Grace worked with community stakeholders and has piloted various successful community driven projects including the establishment Village Savings and Loan Association for 4 communities in Enugu and Imo States, cassava milling plant for support group of persons living with HIV (PLHIV), established youth friendly centers in 2 secondary schools. Grace is currently implementing a $10,000 BOT community driven project on crop processing machines for local farmers in Akwa Ibom State- the first sponsored project of SI4DEV.


Dr. Ifeanyi M. Nsofor is a TEDx Speaker, 2018 Aspen Institute New Voices Fellow and 2006 Ford Foundation International Fellow. He is the CEO of EpiAFRIC (a public health consulting firm based in Abuja, Nigeria) and Director of Policy & Advocacy at Nigeria Health Watch. He is a graduate of Medicine and Surgery from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University School of Medicine. He was a 2006 Ford Foundation International Fellow at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and obtained a Masters in Community Health degree. He is an alumnus of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Executive Education on Strategic Frameworks for Nonprofit Organizations. Ifeanyi was a 2016 DAAD/EXCEED Scholar on Modern Teaching Methods at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.  Ifeanyi is a leading advocate for Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria. He is a public health physician, researcher and epidemiologist.


Kabura Zakama is a Regional Coordinator at Department for International Development. A team builder that provides an empowering environment for people to take risks, to innovate and to achieve results – essentially a leader that builds leaders. Specialties: Democratic governance; civil society organisations, organisational development; capacity development, facilitation; strategic planning; leadership development, child rights and protection, advocacy work



Babatunde Ibikunle is a Senior Associate @ eHealth Africa; An NGO With its head office in Kano, Nigeria. Babatunde has 4 years experience in Humanitarian activities. He is also an active member of Yali Network; A graduate of Pure Economics, he graduated at Bayero University Kano . Babatunde is currently running his Masters in Development studies in same Bayero University Kano. Babatunde is an active member of YALI Network Face2Face group Kano Chapter; He is passionate about helping the less privileged not minding the race religion or background, Open to new Ideas. His areas of interest include public health, save the children and community development in general.


Ayodele Olofintuade is a writer and journalist who has, since 2011 run a community based project called Laipo Reads, a mobile library and supplementary teaching body. She also works in the field of women’s reproductive rights and health and has, in the past three years focused on best practices in supporting women and girls living in lower income communities.




Okechukwu Ofili is a Nigerian writer, illustrator and speaker best known as the author of the blog Ofilispeaks. He is also the author of several books, including How Intelligence Kills and How Stupidity Saved My Life. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. He later moved to the United States, where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Houston. He is the creator of the mobile book reading app Okadabooks. Rather than criticizing mobile devices and accepting the notion that Nigerians don’t read…Okadabooks seeks to harness the power of the mobile phone to make it easier and cheaper for Nigerians to read.


Arowolo Emmanuel is an Agriculturist, Businessman and Project Manager. As a potential graduate in Ekiti State University Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, he has been able to lead in 6 different organizations within and outside campus; as President, Project Head, Secretary, Speaker and Ambassador. With over 5 years experience in community development and team management ranging from health(Nigerian Red Cross), to Entrepreneurship(Enactus), to Agriculture(Agricultural Miners Team, Nigerian Association of Agricultural Student) and Unionism(National bodies of Ekiti west student union, Animal science students and parliamentary bodies). He participated in the 2nd Nigeria National Poultry summit as an exhibitor, worked with Chi farms limited and managed international projects on different platforms.


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