SI4DEV provides training and support for local improvement by:

1.      Creating and providing access to materials to train and support influencers and partners and cooperating with partners on action plans for innovative short or long-term projects.

2.      Partnering with local governments, change makers and the private sector on the design and management of service delivery systems

3.      Participating in reviewing and updating, or fostering policy frameworks for government, private sector and community programs and projects;

4.      Promoting collaborative learning and networking by policy makers and practitioners to produce and expand access to research and knowledge products.

5.      Assisting change makers to integrate the results of research into their regular process, and generate measures and data that will be used to provide quality improvement solutions and services.

6.      Advising policy makers, and other players and working with them to advance performance and outcomes using a combination of research and training.

7.      Providing funding and implementation support to identified influencers and champions.

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