March 2018 The Partner

The Partner monthly magazine for April features many location teams and their community development activities as well as our World Health Day Advocacy via social media. Other content include capacity development, creating and supporting opportunities for personal growth, needs assessment, and community improvement. Please download your copy and share with your networks.


April 2018 The Partner

The Partner May issue marks the beginning of our Drug Abuse awareness campaigns – online and offline – among other community engagement and improvement activities.


In the June issue of The Partner, our drug abuse awareness and outreach continues and our volunteers join the rest of the world to mark the World Sickle Cell Day. We also supported the Global Giving June Accelerator by The Spring Development Initiative – our US Affiliate – from June 10 – 29 to raise $5000 from 40 donors.

June 2018 The Partner

March 2019

SI4DEV announced our trainee Partners (Fellows, Interns or Ambassadors) for 2019 through the SI4DEV Partners Program. Our Partners are a vital part of achieving the SI4DEV goals of a 21st century Nigeria where every citizen has a just and fair access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential.

April 2019

New location teams were onboarded, and pre-existing ones met to give an orientation to new trainees and volunteers. In some cases, new team leads were selected and new project ideas were discussed. Many were centered around World Malaria day.