The SI4DEV Partner Program provides our interns, fellows and ambassadors with opportunities to build and strengthen their capacity and skills. Partners also gain a small financial token for completing and reporting your journey as a Volunteer. This amount will only be disbursed following your first 6-month as an active and dedicated Volunteer.

To facilitate this, we have installed a reward system on our website. This means that when you participate on the site by doing various activities or you complete online courses, you obtain tokens. You can then exchange your tokens for cash at the end of the program.

Register –

Please use your real name, email and link to your Facebook page. These will be used to confirm your identity at the time of payouts.

Fill in LOCATION with State and LGA where resident eg. Anambra, Awka

Complete the BIOGRAPHICAL INFO by introducing yourself in the third person as follows;

eg. Yusuf Alimi is a veterinary surgeon; university lecturer and young active citizen living and working in Abuja, Nigeria. Yusuf has 7 years experience as a practicing veterinarian and livestock development consultant. He has also been a faculty member at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; University of Abuja since August 2015. Yusuf is a 2016 Public policy fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Centre West Africa, Lagos Campus. In 2017, He was selected as one of 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow in the Bioscience field by Global Biotech Revolution; a worldwide student-led organization with interest in Biotechnology. Yusuf is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2011. He is also a proud alumnus of the University of Edinburgh (MSc International Animal Health) and the University of Ibadan (Master of Veterinary Science in Veterinary Reproduction). He is a two-time commonwealth scholar; currently studying MSc Sustainable Aquaculture (online) at Scotland’s premier university; the University of St Andrews. Yusuf is an active member of YALI Network Face2Face group Abuja Chapter; Junior Chamber International (JCI) Aso Nigeria. His areas of interest include public health; food security and community development in general.

How to Get Paid [Only after you successfully graduate the first 6 months of the partner program]

– Send a request to

– your site Username – Please use your real name!

– cumulative tokens,

– your bank name and account no. or your paypal address

– how much you want to withdraw


How to Earn Tokens – Each 1000 tokens will be equivalent to N1000.

100 Tokens – Becoming a Member
10 Tokens – Daily Login
5 Tokens – Daily visit
50 Tokens – Blog Post
10 Tokens – Blog Comment
10 Tokens – Leaving a reply
10 Tokens – Viewing Posts, Blogs, Pages
10 Tokens – Referring the site by sharing links
*Token for courses are still under development


Further Details –

– Tokens will only be redeemed after all monthly reports are submitted at the end of the 6 months program

— Tokens will be converted to cash and added to project crowdfunding.

– We want to reiterate that only sincere participation will be rewarded. There is no pressure. Do not feel you have to compete with anyone; everyone will be paid as long they participate honestly on the site.

– Comment and discussions should be meaningful and relevant, and not just because you want to build up tokens.

— We reserve the right to refuse to redeem tokens if we feel that you are trying to ‘game’ the system by making a lot of irrelevant contributions or fail to meet additional offline partner requirements.

– When redeemed, the tokens will be deducted from your tokens total.

–Bank transfers will be used to make payments in Nigeria for redeemed tokens as well as other monies raised and matched from the crowdfunding.

– For all methods of payment, the recipient pays the fees.

You can leave questions in the comment on this post, or send them to