The SI4DEV Whatsapp Focus Groups are for confirmed Partners only. These collaborative forums bring together the Partners in the titular development focus area, around common development interests in Health, Enterprise, Governance and Education.  Partners are welcome to join any focus group no matter their location. The focus groups are led by 2 or 3 Partners and are a great way to learn, broaden their network, socialize, develop deeper business relationships, and simply recharge their batteries. Each currently has between 30 – 50 members each.

Group rules in summary

  1. Only pertinent content is permitted. No advertising except on Saturdays. Members who post content not relevant to the focus area will be deleted from our community without prior notice.
  2. Be courteous and respectful of other group members and expect your opinions to be respected too. We can disagree with others and challenge opinions, but please do so with fairness.
  3. Join the conversation! Share your thoughts, ideas and questions, you’ll learn a lot and you never know who you might help. From the team, you will also get valuable nuggets on how to access opportunities and resources as well as leadership skills and personal development.

Daily Schedule

  1. Monday: Motivation – Personal Development, Productivity, and article links
  2. Tuesday: Ask Me Anything – Q&A with a Member
  3. Wednesday: Brainstorm – Members can brainstorm ideas to plan, start or expand their work
  4. Thursday: Training – Curriculum focus, online courses, live training, certificates of completion.
  5. Friday: Opportunities – Links to jobs, scholarships, grants
  6. Saturday: Selling – Advertisement of products and services by members
  7. Sunday: Meditation – Words on Marble, thoughts and prayers, quotes