The SI4DEV Partners training program is a 6-month intensive capacity development opportunity that offers selected change makers and influencers the chance to gain leadership and project management training, mentoring and experiential skills development needed to accelerate their impact as community builders.

Partners are exposed to opportunities to collaborate on community improvement work with a wide range of committed, inspiring and influential experts and professionals. Subject-matter experts and practitioners provide detailed information on issues and trends to help generate new ideas and share best practices.

Through interactive social media groups, staff provide support on a daily or weekly basis to challenge individuals or teams in ways that maximize their strengths and develop competencies in making effective decisions, partnership and collaboration, time management, leading and communicating.

There is leadership as well as management development activities, including: coaching, e-learning courses, knowledge and behavioral development, speaker opportunities, peer learning, in person meetings or training and development sessions and visits to national and global events and institutions.

Nested within this 6 months training program is a 3 month mentoring module. This module is organized by The Spring Development Initiative (the US based affiliate of SI4DEV) to offer participants project direction advice, management and technical expertise as well as international exposure and connections.

TSDI provides Mentors who are paired with the SI4DEV Partners to mentor them. Such mentors could be either a Wisdom-of-Age Mentor or a Peer Mentor. The mentoring is expected to promote strategic thinking, partnership opportunities, research and innovative solutions as the Partners develop action plans to address critical social issues in their communities. SI4DEV will also work with these Partners to establish their suitability and alignment of their goals with TSDI objectives to promote capacity building and sustainable community development.

At the end of the six months, successful Partners will have developed their action plans to structure their community development work. The top 10 proposals will get opportunities for online and offline crowdfunding and TSDI will support with matching funds. The generated resources will be disbursed to the successful partners to help accelerate their efforts and grow their impact.

Successful trainees will graduate into the SI4DEV Alumni Network at the end of the 6 months as Fellows of the program. Those who submitted proposals will become full partners and will receive support to pilot their funded community projects.

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