Education is the bedrock for national growth and development. And in our experience, when it comes to literacy and education, community members know their needs best as has been shown by our partners. For lasting change, communities must decide on how to improve their educational opportunities and success measures, and the Initiative is poised to help them come up with ideas to create new infrastructure and change from within.

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Our current education partners share the goal of expanding access to books and scholarship opportunities to increasing numbers of people in local communities.


1. Laipo Mobile Library and Reading Clinics


Laipo has been conducting readings and literary activities for children since 2010, and began partnering in 2013 with the Initiative to support her programs and activities. Since inception, Laipo has partnered with over 50 primary and secondary schools, and more than 5000 children have read over 15000 books in Ibadan where she operates.

Laipo’s activities include;

• Holding reading clinics in schools around Ibadan during the academic year.
• Encouraging the schools to use the ‘Library period’ on their time table to read.
• Providing books for each child to borrow at the end of the reading clinic
• Donating well-loved books to selected children which they can take home permanently.
• Creating a book exchange system, so that each child would have access to several books.


In 2017,  Laipo Reads was able to mentor 11 girls (which increased to 13 girls by the end of the mentor period in December). Each girl received three books each, and after a period to read each book, they discussed child rights, bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive rights. To wrap things up, the girls went on a date night during which they watched a movie and also did some light shopping, the first time the girls would be to a mall.

2. Street to School Initiative (


Formerly known as the Resource Sharing Network, this project started in 2008/9, with the aim to stand in the gap for the poor, disadvantaged children, and connect them to available resources and access to education. In 2013, SI4DEV began to support their major program, the “BagSwap Project” which distributes educational items to needy kids in Rural Communities/Schools. Each child receives a package of a schoolbag, sandal, customized notebooks, school uniform (where applicable), stationaries, crayon etc.

Street to School Initiative is now a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria which sponsors the education programs of out-of-school children, primary school drop-outs in underserved communities and street children. Their core programs are educational sponsorship including school and exam fees for indigent children, running free schools in neglected communities and support schemes for mothers of sponsored children.


3. NS Publishing Ltd (

NS Publishing Ltd is a publishing and marketing social enterprise dedicated to developing and distributing Nigerian written content through eBooks, paperbacks, audio, websites, mobile apps and other channels. An offshoot of, NS Publishing works with the belief that reading can change people, creating a thirst for education, and provides knowledge to better oneself.



By nurturing writers and readers, the organization aims to help develop engaged, empowered and educated Nigerians, as well as contribute to the economy through our business. The business model focuses on selling and marketing their special branded popular fiction books directly to Nigerians where they can be found – right on the streets of cities, towns and local government areas.

From 2013 till date, NS Publishing has sold over 10,000 books and donated another 5,000 books to partners including the NwuliaReads Initiative, a non-profit focused on making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children via social inclusion and literary development.