SI4DEV welcomes government officials and policy makers, healthcare providers, educators, civil society and faith based organizations, political and business leaders to join our diverse and influential network. Partners will help to ensure that our programs are sustainable and meet local needs by championing local involvement and ownership.

We provide financial support and a forum for collaborative sharing of information, capacity, resources, and experience to make our partners dynamic forces for innovation, social change and development.

Partners will also support membership drives by identifying, cultivating and linking the Initiative with potential members in their local area. They will also encourage community participation in local politics, as well as policy making in the four focus areas of the Initiative.

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Other duties include:

a. Building momentum for the Initiative’s programs in their local community
b. Identifying new partners and encouraging them to participate in local events;
c. Contributing to proposal writing for grants to benefit programs in their community;
d. Writing and submitting reports on schedule for programs and projects in their local community;
e. Advising the Initiative ambassadors, employees and officers on local strategy;
f. Being available and able to attend meetings via phone conference, offline or online;
g. Being a dependable trustee of any membership fees before immediately depositing in designated bank accounts;

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