By making a donation, members of SI4DEV are entitled to attend the annual general meeting and vote/contest to become executive officers. You will also commit to spending at least two hours a month mentoring individual SI4DEV partners or our Whatsapp groups.

To begin, please tell us more about yourself – click here.

Below are membership levels and the membership dues to qualify for each level:

a. Waddi – $10,000/N5,000,000 each year
b. Idanre – $5,000/N2,000,000 each year.
c. Obudu $1000/N500,000 each year.
d. Olumo – $500/N250,000 each year.
e. Zuma – $250/N150,000 each year.
f. Aso – $100/N50,000 each year.
g. Shere – $50/N25,000 each year
h. Gongola – $20/N10,000 each year
i. Plateau – $10/N5,000 each year

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