Our volunteers and teams leverage youth capacity and leadership development programs that are based on research, can be tailored to various levels of interest and ability, and are proven to lead to measurable outcomes.

SI4DEV Volunteer Contract

For Individuals: Individuals who have been accepted as SI4DEV Volunteers are expected to be committed in their focus area and state teams. By joining our social media, instant messaging groups, you will be able to participate in our campaigns and have your work rewarded.

For Organizations: Organizations are also allowed to become Volunteers of SI4DEV for those who prefer to showcase their efforts in development through the SI4DEV platforms.

Note, SI4DEV is not a funding agency and is not obliged to offer financial support. Volunteer positions are voluntary; however, we will compensate dedication based on activity and targets met. Also, being an SI4DEV Volunteer makes you our official representative and you are expected to uphold our values in your work.