A total lack of awareness, the rise of myths, fear of income loss and inability to afford soap, water and other protective materials have increased the spread of COVID-19 and made the health and safety measures of social distancing less effective within the country. SI4DEV will support the pandemic response as follows:

  1. Provide food and hygiene materials such as hand wash and sanitizers to low income families, orphanages and old people’s homes.
  2. Provide water and soap basins at strategic places in local communities.
  3. Subsidize data charges to enable online training of community volunteers.
  4. Produce flyers and posters in local Nigeria languages with correct covid-19 precautions and share with influencers on the ground.
  5. Provide face masks, gloves and other protective equipment to health care workers in rural primary care facilities.

SI4DEV has already begun the training of our volunteers so that they can disseminate proper information in the community. We will partner with experienced NGOs with expertise in these areas to deliver the humanitarian support necessary for a more effective COVID-19 response.

Partners and volunteers will have the opportunity to learn and or boost skills needed to conduct needs and resource assessments, identify and engage community influencers, disseminate proper messaging, communicate strategically to media channels, and manage logistics for direct outreach.

SI4DEV believes that local NGOs are faster, nimbler and more innovative in the work they do. They also are more cost-effective and have more trust since they are closer to their communities and understand the local context better.

Organizations like SI4DEV and our proposed partners are deeply rooted in their local communities and are therefore best positioned to provide reliable support at times like this when western NGOs are pulling their staff out of the country and fund raising to focus relief efforts elsewhere.

In summary, the SI4DEV plan will help strengthen local capacity for future disaster or outbreak relief work as well as improve general organizational planning and management.

We hope we can receive your support towards empowering our partners and participants to remain community leaders and builders in these challenging times.

Bank: GTBank
Bank Name: Strategy and Innov for Dev Initiative
Account Number: 0366172770