SI4DEV believes that grassroots civic and community leadership is the bedrock for positive social change. We bring together individuals and groups and equip them with practical skills towards achieving strong governance, improved health, quality education and economic development for their communities.

Communities in Nigeria are under-served and neglected mostly due to lack of good governance, however, inadequate access to knowledge and resources also negatively affect the reach of potential and aspiring community leaders. While many of these community volunteers are very passionate and innovative in their efforts to lift their communities out of poverty, there is an observed performance gap due to lack of project planning, execution and reporting skills which limits their impact in trying to create sustainable development and long-term social change.

Through the SI4DEV Partners training Program, we offer the capacity building, collaborative forums, funding support and research products that community leaders need to implement strong governance systems and to improve the education, economic and health attainment of their communities. This program is focused on training and supporting community leaders to develop, implement and scale innovative products, services, and action plans for key policies and target populations in line with Community-led Development (CLD).

CLD has been globally recognized as a primary means of ensuring sustainability and accountability in grassroots development. In Nigeria, Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) is in the exclusive position of seeding a consistent CLD model across diverse stakeholders and community volunteers in over 25 States.

For the past year, SI4DEV have engaged about 200 participants in their Partners Training Program and to celebrate the successful completion of this training program, and share their best practices and lessons learned, SI4DEV has put together a National Workshop Summit themed: Achieving Community-Led Development through Community-Driven Development Projects holding 8am on Saturday November 17, 2018 in Abuja.

At the event, SI4DEV will be graduating one hundred (100) successful partners from across 30 States and the FCT. This inspiring summit will feature 3 key planks:

• Project Management and Performance Improvement Training – Breakout Sessions, Panels
• Action Planning for Impact, Sustainability, Governance and Accountability – One-on-one Clinics
• Motivation, Networking and Context – Keynote Speakers, Mentors Roundtables, One-year Anniversary Celebration, Graduation and Funding Award Ceremony

SI4DEV is inviting all development workers to partner and/or join this inaugural workshop summit as a delegate, exhibitor, presenter or speaker. To register/apply, email or call 08063318016.