SI4DEV will empower stakeholders and innovative change makers through leadership training and education on how to successfully implement projects, how to effectively access resources to be to deliver a better quality of life for their local communities and how to contribute to sustainable national growth and development. Generally, there is minimal evidence base for development work in Nigeria.

Anecdotes suggest that while there are various government efforts and activities by development organizations, the need remains great. In the experience of our founders, 3 out of the 10 partners we have worked with since 2010 have been beneficiaries of capacity building and only one has been able to identify a collaborative forum in their local area. All receive funding from philanthropic minded individuals but only one has corporate sponsorship to enable a more strategic approach to their activities.

With all four types of support aligned, that one partner has been able to scale their social enterprise and is now a key influencer in their sector. The result of this serious knowledge gap in areas such as health care provision, education, governance and enterprise leads to poor planning by decision makers and poorer program outcomes, inconsistency, inefficiency and in some cases, abandoned projects.

SI4DEV will partner with research enterprises to help develop evidence especially in our focus areas and pioneer innovative analysis of available data to help bridge the gap. The results of these studies will be made publicly available.


SI4DEV envisions a just and fair society with more community participation in governance, accountable leadership, sustainable businesses and access to high-quality health care and education for all. We aspire to develop a nationally recognized and locally available framework for community driven improvements in governance, health, economic and educational development.