SI4DEV is excited to announce the 2018 Graduating Class of our Partners training program! Of the 260 candidates announced back in February (HERE), we are ending the 6 month course with 101 graduates. Please see their names below. All listed partners will graduate into the SI4DEV Alumni Network as Full Partners, Fellows or Ambassadors of the program. All graduates are encouraged to join the SI4DEV national Summit in Abuja this November for awards and funds disbursement. Read all details on how to apply for stipends. See full list of Graduates HERE.

Full Partners

30 graduates will become full partners of SI4DEV with a submitted proposal and regular monthly reports according to the template supplied by SI4DEV. These reports indicate active engagement in training, community engagement, and other requirements of the partners contract. All submitted proposals have opportunities for online and offline crowdfunding and TSDI will support the top 10 with matching funds. The generated resources including website reward tokens will be disbursed to the successful partners to help accelerate their efforts and grow their impact. They will also receive support and technical assistance to pilot their funded community projects.


50 graduates are now Fellows of SI4DEV some of whom submitted proposals, regular monthly reports according to the template supplied by SI4DEV, or project or community development articles or activity reports published on this website and also sent in for the program archives. These graduates are also confirmed to have engaged in some training, community outreaches, and other requirements of the partners contract. They are eligible to submit proposals for funding to SI4DEV at any time.


22 graduates proved by their efforts that they are well-connected members of a local community and assisted SI4DEV in various ways with activities to increase our reach and impact. They also participated in online promotion of our activities and appropriate outreach and support.

Thank you all!

Please reach out with any questions to