In a bit to cushion the effect of the total lockdown in the state which has spanned over a week now and still counting, it is humanitarian enough to reach out to the less privilege in the society as a means to complement the effort of the government in ensuring people stay at home and safe. Hunger remains another bone of contention that could prevent people from staying at home.
The intervention project seeks to address two key objectives; first is to champion a sensitization exercise around information that needs to be known about Corona Virus and how individuals can be safe. Second is to distribute food items, sanitizers and few other relief materials to our target audience. Ultimately, we have the mission to reach at least 70 individuals across two local governments of the state.
The project was in two phases, first which is procuring relief materials to the target audience from two selected local governments in the state as well as carrying out sensitization awareness program for them, and the second was getting feedback in order to facilitate adequate monitoring and evaluation report to the sponsor of the projects

REPORT: Due to the effect of the lockdown, the project manager, Taoheed Alimi, leveraged on a vehicle from his workplace to ply the town in order to secure the relief material, and contact was made with the target community a day before the sensitization and awareness program.
For the event, four other individuals volunteered for the sensitization awareness to the target community. The team did the sensitization program and got help from one of the beneficiaries who demonstrated how to make a handkerchief as face-mask. Finally, we got feedback from people to assess their understanding of covid-19 and then shared the relief materials.

  1. Procuring relief materials – procurement was done in the popular Shasha market close to the comm.
  2. Working with teams – the project manager worked with 4 volunteers and a community leader on the project
  3. Sensitization program – an awareness program was done to sensitize the audience on things they should know about covid-19
  4. Distribution of relief material – relief materials which comprised rice, beans, spag and soup condiment were distributed in packs to 55 individuals
  5. Evaluation and feedback – feedback were received from the target audience about the effect of the intervention.
  6. Reporting – video coverage was done for the whole activities, report was also documented and forwarded to the management of si4dev.

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