20 men and 42 women in Pakuro village in Ogun State near Lagos have been part of the pilot project by SI4DEV partner to acquire vocational skills. The people embraced the training and they are ready to run with it and most of them expressed appreciation of the certificate of training which was provided at the completion of the classes.

Also, 10 women have received a small grant of 10000 naira to support them in setting up a cottage industry with the confectionery making skills they just learnt.

One of the women is Mrs. Joanna, one of the dedicated participants of the Catering skills training at Pakuro village Ogun state. According to her, she had been looking for such opportunity to learn a skill in confectionery and baking. She lives with her husband and two children in PAKURO town.

Before now, she was unemployed and unskilled, feeding at home was difficult… When she heard that an SI4DEV empowerment program will hold in PAKURO town, she was the first person to come.

She has over the past months, acquired skills on baking many snacks which she is ready to start running with using the funds we have given her.

I visited Nigeria recently on a family trip and was privileged to be able to go to Pakuro Village in the Mowe area of Ogun state to meet with some of the participants of our #SI4DEV project.

I went with the SI4DEV partner coordinating the project Julie, and the crew of Keyhole Media led by Tchidi Jacobs, a long time friend and supporter.

We want to start telling our stories, from the participant and partner perspective. The women were engaged and happy to have us.

It was these 10 who had been funded we met during the trip. Some were interviewed one on one and there was group chat too.

Thank you for your support.

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