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Roberts Nnaemeka
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Roberts is Human Resource Management consultant, Community driven Development Worker and Project Manager with over 8 years’ experience. He acquired knowledge, experience and skill in business strategy, planning and execution, Organizational planning, Design Implementation, Funds mobilization and process design with focus on Entrepreneurship and Social Development. He is a trained Accountant by profession, An Associate Member Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria, Executive Masters Certificate in Project Management from Pneuma Projects; an affiliate of Project Management Institute, USA, Basic and Advance Certificate in Leadership from Dominion Leadership Institute, Lagos. He is a senior facilitator at Dominion City Academy, A Leadership Training School of Golden Heart Foundation. He participated in the award winning project “Dialogue for peace program" and "Art and Advocacy for Peace Program" in Kaduna State implemented by Generations for Peace a Jordanian based peace building organization through support of US Embassy Abuja Nigeria. Roberts has over 5 years’ experience as an advocate for Education, Enterprise, Governance, Social Development, Human Capacity building and Character transformation in the non-profit sector via Strategic partnership platforms such as Golden Heart Foundation and Life Challenge Intervention Outreach. Roberts has executed numerous projects focused on Mind Reset Management and Transformation, Peace building, Substance abuse, Water sanitation and Hygiene, quality education and youth empowerment. Roberts is a Partner of Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV), an affiliate of The Springs Development Initiative (TSDI) USA. Currently, the Project Manager of the “Happy Learners’ Project” with SI4DEV Kaduna location group. The “HAPPY LEARNERS PROJECT” was developed by Kaduna Location Group to teach and create hand washing awareness in 25 primary schools in 5 Local Government Areas targeted at 2000 pupils within the age range of 5-12 years and 50 teachers in Kaduna State, through the use of Visual aids, Poems and Rhymes to teach and create hand washing awareness aimed at supporting children's school attendance, promote hygiene and health education in elementary schools in Kaduna State. He is the Co-Founder of E-MENT Global Enterprise, a business solution outfit. Roberts is a 2018 Alumnus of Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Center (YALI RLC) West Africa, trained in the track of Entrepreneurship. Roberts is was the past serving Alumni North West Representative of YALI RLC alumni Nigerian chapter. His Core Values includes Passion for God, People, Knowledge, Excellence, and Development.
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