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Francis Eghehan has over 10 years’ experience in charity projects focusing on orphans, vulnerable children and juveniles in society. Currently Francis is cofounder of visible global charity foundation, where he helps to mobilize, galvanize and work with other partners and volunteers to improve the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and Juveniles through right based approach. Francis holds a BSc degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Benin Nigeria. He is a certified quality management professional. Francis is passionate about the welfare of orphans and vulnerable children in society and hopes that the future of these ones can be secured by uplifting their living conditions. He is a member of young African Leaders Initiative, Amnesty International, CitizenGo, Association of Entrepreneurs and technologists Nigeria (ASET), Professional empire network, The love concept international. He is currently a participant at the Yali west African regional learning centre COHORT 10.
Port Harcourt
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Date of Event: 18th July, 2018. Based on complaints and general knowledge of our community in the past months, we discovered that drug abuse among youths in Rivers state is on the increase. As a location group we embarked on… Read More

4 months ago 17 Comments

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4 months ago 21 Comments

Recently, I visited the Juvenile detention center in Port Harcourt as it has been my way of reaching out to the inmates on a monthly bases. After showing them a video which I intended to discuss some key lessons learnt… Read More

4 months ago 26 Comments

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