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I am a quality analyst, teen mentor and public affairs analyst with strong interest in good governance.
Port Harcourt
3 days ago 11 Comments

The YALI west Africa regional leadership centre, cohort 10 training program has been quite enlightening. I will like to share part of the lessons learnt on how to influence peoples’s cooperation. Make people feel understood: I learnt that in the… Read More

5 days ago 8 Comments

Meeting Agenda Opening prayer Introduction Review of training on computer appreciation for orphans by our partner Activities planning for the month of June Opportunities The meeting was head on May 20, 2018 at Pepperoni fast food, Rumuodara junction, Port Harcourt,… Read More

2 weeks ago 11 Comments

To some people family is more than just Father, mother and children, but includes those people who make all the difference in our lives. Family is the building block of society, and every society thrives on the values impacted by… Read More

4 weeks ago 18 Comments

Parts of our daily life involves processes that connects us to our goals. when these processes are not well defined and  managed, our outcomes may appear below peak levels. When we position our minds to asking the appropriate questions such… Read More

1 month ago 22 Comments

Here is the report of our #GYSD Port Harcourt group participation. Date: 4/22/2018 Description of activity SI4DEV Port Harcourt location group bought some dry foodstuff s, beverages, juice drinks, and toiletries for Our Savior orphanage at Rumukurushi in Obiakpo Local Government… Read More

1 month ago 15 Comments

Recently I attended an agribusiness workshop and I was amazed at the various value chains in different sectors of agricultural production. I tried to imagine that almost every area of human endeavor consist of value chains which may require the… Read More

1 month ago 16 Comments

Meeting Agenda Opening prayer Introduction welcome address Membership drive Global Youth Service day Opportunities 1. & 2. Mr. Austin Otuji led the opening prayer followed introduction of members present. Mr. Austin Otuji was the first to introduce himself; he is… Read More

Developing a global mindset as an individual – part 2
2 months ago 28 Comments

In the part 1 of this topic I gave an introduction into my perspective of global mindset development and highlighted five points which i would like to elucidate on this writ up. Get to know your personality traits, especially curiosity.… Read More

2 months ago 28 Comments

  Recently I took a survey organized by an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), part of the survey required my input on their newly developed brand identity/symbol. Ordinarily because I couldn’t figure out the idea behind the concept of the new… Read More

The Way Forward: The Youth Can Transform Nigeria
2 months ago 19 Comments

The major challenges facing our nation Nigeria includes; Unemployment Corruption Boko Haram and Terrorism Crime and problem of public safety Poor quality of educational system Poor infracstructure Gender inequalities Poor and inadequate health care facilities Environmental and public health issues… Read More