Through a collaboration with SI4DEV and their PARTNER HEZEKIAH MBA IBRAHIM, we have now made available 1 (one) manual borehole that is providing the entire community with a clean and consumable water; the installation lasted for a period of 1 (one) week which was completed upon.

The lack of clean water in Sabo community has been a lingering problem as the government, organizations or personal individuals have neglected the community in terms of providing an infrastructure that will make good water available for the people.

The objective of this was to ensure the community has access to clean and drinkable water.

PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY PLAN The project is being managed and sustained by the community head. The community was also enlightened on how to use and maintain the property so as to last beyond the pilot period.

PROJECT MONITORING INDICATOR Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative has been monitoring the progress of the pilot project during the pilot period till when the project became successful through Hezekiah Mba Ibrahim who is the sponsored partner.

SI4DEV partner @hezekiahibrahim went to monitor the usage of the Sabo community borehole project and also to hear feedback from the community and users recently.

In an interview with a community member on the usage, it emerged how the borehole has not only helped them in Sabo but also neighboring communities.
This is the first time this part of Bichi local government area is having potable water and we are proud to be supporting this project.
#waterforall #communitydevelopment

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