Report on distribution of relief materials and sanitizers carried out at Idi-Oro and Idi-Iya village in Iseyin, Oyo state.

Executive summary
This report summarizes the results of the distribution and sanitization on covid-19 outbreak conducted on 11th April 2020 with the people of Idi- Oro and Idi-iya village in Iseyin, Northern part of Oyo state Nigeria. They receive unconditional food assistance (emergency relief) provided by SI4DEV. SI4DEV is providing unconditional food assistance (Rice, Beans, ppe, Hand gloves, Noodles, face mask, Garri, hand washing bucket, Hand sanitizers, Vegetable oil, and salt) in Idi-Oro and Idi-iya in Iseyin, northern part of Oyo state.
Idi- Oro and Idi-iya village are small villages in Iseyin that has a population of over 1000 people; the village is about 40mins drive from Iseyin main town and about 1hrs to ancient Oyo city.
The villages is headed by a Baale named Chief Lukmon Adekunle, he was contacted on Friday 10th April 2020 and was informed about the project he was happy and allowed us to carry out the project in his village on Saturday 11th April 2020.
The event started on Saturday 11th April at exacts 10 am, the people was told about the origin of Covid-19, the prevention and what to do if some have the symptoms. Tade Fatinikun and Ojo Olayinka talks about the origin, the preventions while Adedokun Toyosi talk about the symptoms. Adedokun Toyosi and Idris Olatunji also taught the people hand washing skills and how to use hand sanitizers because this is one of the key ways in preventing the virus. After the session chance was given for question and we answer each question.
Beneficiaries of food and materials distributions were satisfied with the food distribution process as well as the quality and quantity of food. Women’s participation throughout the distribution process is high.

Distribution process
About 170 beneficiary households were given foods and Materials.
When we arrive at venue we make a paper tally and put a number on it, it was this number that each beneficiary take to the distribution space in order to collect their food and material package.
We Organize and clearly mark the allocated spaces at the distribution space: Reception point, (identity) verification point, collection point and exit to channel off traffic and allow for personal space of at least one meter between each beneficiary. We instruct beneficiaries to maintain a distance of one meter from each other throughout the distribution process.

Name of Volunteers Present

  1. Mrs Adedokun Toyosi
  2. Mr Fatinikun Tade
  3. Mr Olatunji Idris
  4. Mrs Adeyanju Tope
  5. Mr Ojo Olayinka
  6. Mr Hammed Hakeem
  7. Mr Olabulo Tirimisiyu
  8. Miss Adedokun Adenike.

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