Most urban poor and rural Nigerians live on daily sales/wages, and the extended shutdown is causing hunger and malnutrition in these low-income groups. Inadequate sensitization and Illiteracy can also lead to an increase in sickness and deaths from COVID-19 as people disregard lockdown orders and continue to move around and spread the virus. Lack of basic services like water and electricity contribute to people being unable to stay home, added to the scarcity of funds to afford enough food for a lockdown and soaps or sanitizers for proper hygiene.

We have begun to see the societal unrest and there will be healthcare overload if these are not mitigated.

This is where SI4DEV comes in.

  1. SI4DEV currently has 40 volunteers deployed in 20 locations in Nigeria and they are reaching out to at least 20 families in each of these places with food and sensitization, and also providing educational materials (banners and posters) as well as personal protection equipment (PPE) to community health centres in some of these locations.
  2. SI4DEV believes in partnering with local community stakeholders to achieve its goal. To this end SI4DEV is also supporting 9 partners organizations across Nigeria with mini-grants to support their own rapid response to the COVID-19 situation in their communities.
  3. We encouraged volunteers to take the WHO recommended courses for tackling COVID-19 at the individual or country level, of which 125 volunteers have completed 1 to four courses each.

Our COVID-19 response project is designed to help strengthen local capacity for general organization, planning and management of community development projects as well as future disaster relief efforts. SI4DEV and partner local NGOs/CBOs are faster, nimbler and more innovative in the work they do. They also are more cost-effective and have more trust since they are closer to their communities and understand the local context better.

Donate to help fund our trained volunteers who are deeply rooted in local communities and are therefore best positioned to provide reliable support at times like this.

You can make a deposit or transfer to:

Bank: GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Bank Name: Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative
Account Number: 0366172770 (Naira)

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