The SI4DEV theory of change recognizes the value of cultural capital and tailor interventions to target specific behaviors in our audience. We partner with influencers and invest in change makers to secure cultural change over the long term.

These are the values we use in our work;

Strategy – We believe that planning is the bedrock of results, and without a shared mental model and transparent action plan, significant lasting impact may remain elusive. Fundamental change must draw a path from ideas through pilot testing to practical, scalable solutions.

Partnership – We champion and enable networks, bringing together representatives from fields including business, development, and research. We trust in shared learning and collaboration to empower individuals and communities overcome barriers and attain their full potential.

Research – We use best practice research methods, priority setting and peer review to provide appropriate intelligence to policy makers, funders and practitioners and to guide them in solving the tough challenges they face.

Innovation – We support cutting-edge and creative thinking based on the best available evidence for effective problem-solving. We will nurture this outlook in our staff and partners, as well as in the communities and people we work with.

National – We focus our long-term plans towards achieving national objectives while working to invest in local people and communities. We endeavor to extend our projects to multiple communities across the various regions in the country of focus.

Growth – We are committed to direct engagement with local influencers, communities, and delivery partners, developing and sharing best practices, towards the goal of individual growth and overall development for the country.

20 thoughts on “HOW WE WORK”

  1. To have a suitable working and well structured organization that will run indiscriminately, both ‘on shore and off shore’ requires not only manpower and equipments but such an Organism must develop a formidable team spirit and the circle of administration.
    The same must prove tested, and performing outstanding civil duties i. e providing unflicthing service.
    The NGO Si4DEV has made her presence known with wonderful staff members who are not professionals in the respective fields but are truthful to the 💞 heart. This organization can only go in and on one direction, The UPWARD DIRECTION. Kudos for a well planned outfit.

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