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Amanda Obidike is a Proven director and has over nine (9) years of experience in helping organizations and individuals find their path in business and encouraging them to move forward. Her experience spans from consulting, administration, project management, content development and Operations. Currently, Amanda is a Director of Operations and Administration in Connect group and also the Vice-President/ Country coordinator for the African Youth Leadership Initiative (AYLC); an AU platform, where she focuses on attracting, engaging, retaining and mobilizing Young African leaders unto governance and self-empowerment for the region. Amanda holds an MBA from University of the People, Pasadena, California, USA., and this fostered in aligning operational initiatives with strategic direction and also human capacity development within the service sector. Amanda is driven by her commitment to serve, learn and succeed. A game-changer and Catalyst that gradually transforms her society and hopes to collaborate with organizations and individuals to implement sound and stable macroeconomic/ sectoral policies that will help encourage sustained growth and development in Africa. Upon completion of the McKinsey & Co. Emerging Women Leaders Fellowship, Amanda plans to continue her work and volunteering with the UN on economic development and empowerment and Advocacy of Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls.
Lagos, Festac
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