I would never forget the “Africa my Africa” poem written by David Diop. It is one of my favorite from Junior High; probably because the Literature teacher told us to act and create a monologue of the poem lines in front of classmates.

Now; as I reminisce, I laugh at how we “bend” when we get to the line of “…Is this your back that is unbent?

This back that never breaks under the weight of humiliation…”

That was one funny part and one of the lines we couldn’t easily forget.

This interrogation is additionally buttressed by the insistent repetition of ‘this back’ and the internal rhyming of ‘break’ and ‘weight’ which calls our attention to Africa’s subjugation.

The personal suffering of the mother is symbolic of the trepidation of the African continent, traumatized by colonial experiences.

Independence broke the Ligature of Colonialism, therefore, bringing Nigeria to its Sovereignity.

But are we as the citizens free from Mental enslavery and thralldom?

Are we taking the reins to be responsible, accountable and governable as much as we can?

The Nigerian government may or may not have met expectations of it’s people or measured up to Developed countries, but I do know this is the time to realize we are constituents for the Change we desperately crave for.

Elections is fast approaching. Have we gotten the PVC’s as our constitutional and suffrage right?

I kindly indulge we get it right- this time around.

The Nigerian mind should exercise both continental and state optimism and turn away from “the blame game” in the walk towards socio-cultural and economic freedom.

Happy Independence Nigeria🇳🇬

God bless Nigeria.

God bless Africa.

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