1. Get the right team in place, fast: Having the right people in the right role is the #1 indicator of success. We use a “fast fail” approach at ArtShopNG. Without this, the business stalls and both the company and our clients feel it.

2. Have confidence in results and a conviction to build the future: Many times, businesses must take a leap — build a new facility, invest in a different product — before revenue is recognized. To see the opportunity come to fruition, it takes confidence and conviction. We opened our Lagos office in October of 2017, and I wanted to start with a large facility. There were concerns about the size of the space and the time it would take to expand to fill the space. I trusted my decision, and I’m proud to say that as of the first of this month, we have exceeded our expectations.

3. Trust but validate: As CEO, employees often tell you what they think you want to hear. While I trust my employees, I still check behind the scenes to confirm we operate with our eyes wide open. I do this by pressure-testing the business, such as calling clients direct, listening to support calls, going to client visits, or rotating through our product experience.

4. Everyone is in sales: Associates across ArtShopNG understand that revenue supports the business. Regardless of the specific role, we are all here to service our customers and do it exceptionally well. When clients are happy, revenue flows.

5. Blur the lines of business and family: Being the CEO of a growing company, I get to know every employee on a personal level. It feels like I have adopted a family. These relationships help build trust and loyalty amongst the ArtShopNG family and it gives me a deepened level of empathy and understanding

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