World Malaria day is an annual event and a worldwide effort, to raise awareness of Malaria and the treatment and prevention of malaria. The day works to highlight the need for intervention by the government, non- governmental organisations and individuals on malaria control and prevention. The day also marks the continuing great achievements in the fight against Malaria. To mark this day SI4dev Abuja location group carried out an outreach at the community of people with disabilities (Ang.Guragore) karamajiji.

The objective of the program is to educate the people on malaria and Malaria provide preventive measures to the people of the Ang. Guragore  (community of people with disabilities ) on the need to keep a clean environment, use of insecticide, treated nets, management of malaria during pregnancy, and the control of malaria transmission in epidemic situations. The aim of the program is to educate the people on how to use malaria preventive measures within the community.

In commemoration with the World Malaria Day celebrated on the 25th April, 2019. SI4DEV with support from Life bridge Foundation marked this day with an outreach at Karamajiji Angwan Guragore community of persons with disabilities. The project was carried out in this community because of the environment we met them during our visits and their complain of inability to access good medical services, unsanitized environment due to their condition. As the raining season approaches, we felt it was key we sensitize them on ways to keep themselves and environment free of mosquitoes and malaria, We offered malaria preventive drugs and treated mosquito nets to the members of the community . Long lasting mosquitoe treated nets were distributed to the pregnant women and nursing mothers that came out. Malaria test was carried out on mostly the women and children. To our relieve most of them test negative. Members of the volunteer group distributed biscuits and sweets to the children who were bold enough to take the test and chew-able multivitamins as a way to encourage other kids to come out and be part of the whole process and it worked. The elderly ones among them, especially the men, were tested for sugar, and those with high sugar were advice by the doctors in the house of what they can do, to manage it and further seek proper medical attention by visiting the hospital. We had people with other illness who came out with cases such as eye problems, Fibroid, vaginal infections they were advised to make out time and visit the hospital for proper check up and treatment. The people were happy about our little effort and expressed their appreciations most especially the community  leader who thought it nice that we found it in out heart to create time for such a visit.
After the program a brief meeting was held among the group, in which one of the volunteer from Discover Purpose Initiative requested for SI4DEV support in their forth coming awareness program in Nassarawa University Keffi on the 25th May, 2019 and Mr Dele our Lab Tech, also seeked the support of SI4dev Abuja location  group  to carryout a Drug Abuse Campaign on the 26th of June, 2019. Mr. Samuel the Abuja coordinator promised to follow up with them on their said activities. Members were encouraged to be active in the group and come for meetings. Doctor Ruke stated her intension to work with the SI4dev Abuja location group on a proposed eye program especially for kids. We members  of the location group look forward for more partnerships and projects.

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