My joy knows no bounds and all I can say as an assistant coach with SI4DEV is that the 6 month journey has been a fufiling one. I could not hide my excitement as I saw the impact of the street business school among the participants in Yenegwe community of Yenagoa Bayelsa state, particularly the fact that participants have obvious impact.

Beginning  with the owner of Deldiv fashion, Mariam olalekan who was able to brand and expand her business during the course of the SBS training. She got more machines, increased the number of apprentice training under her, and employed a stylist, all of which resulted to more sales. During the mid evaluation visit I was so impressed as I compared the baseline visit to the mid evaluation visit, and the positive change was stunning.

Another remarkable impact is seen on the owner of OMA footwear. He hardly made sales before the business school but during the SBS training, he leveraged on promotions and discount and started the 2k shop,and  boom, the sales dazed everyone around.

Every participant had a positive story. I wont forget to mention the owner of Ebi Club who has learned to save some more from her hair making business than before. She has been able to invest in her building project of a two bedroom flat which is now at window level.

Thanks to SBS.

Thanks to SI4DEV.



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