Report of meeting held on Sat 16th March 2019 by Nnewi location group in Anambra State

Commencement- The meeting started around 1:30pm, with a prayer said by Miss Anita Ogbonna.

The following People were in attendance:
-Nwaku Chidimma
-Nneoma Darawuzie
-Nzube Dike
-Chidiebere Ojiego
-Anita Ogbonna

Then, the location Coordinator Miss Chidimma Nwaku elaborated on what SI4DEV stands for to new members.

Agenda: Three projects was brought up.
1. Plastic recycling was talked on.
2. Building Hostel for kids with special needs, a school we visited last year.
3. Health talk/ medical outreach for the Community where College of health sciences, nnewi resides and also for a secondary school in a community in Nnewi which one of the members nominated.

– On Building Hostel for Kids with special needs, one of the problem was funding. We decided that it will be revisited if the Ngo will fund it or any grants it’s seen

– On plastic recycling in the school. We looked at the possible barriers. One, if there is plastic recycling company in nnewi to take the collected plastic bottles to. And another, if it’s going to be feasible because there are people collecting it already for business(zobo, soy milk and kunu). It was later decided that one of us is going to ask around if there is any recycling company doing that in nnewi. Also, it was decided that we’re going to observe how this small businesses do the assembling.

– On the Health talk/ medical outreach for the community. We brainstormed on the possible health issues prevalent, For the age group we want to visit. After considering it, we decided to do a health talk on the theme: Nutrition and stress. The outreach will be on 6th March 2019. we decided that we will involve Christian Medical and dental association ( CMDA), for free drugs and professional advice to the community members. There will also be, Free Blood pressure and weight check. We want sponsors too for logistics etc.
For publicity, we said we will meet the health centers, churches and town cries in the community.
– Then one of our members, Chidiebere Ojiego, said he will Nominate a school in his community for a health talk. The outreach will be by May.

The meeting ended with three people nominated for the following posts:
Secretary – Anita Ogbonna
Publicity- Nneoma Darawuzie
Logistics- Nzube Dike

Closing prayer was said by Nneoma Darawuzie
– Refreshments was donated by Chidiebere Austin Ojiego

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