I joined Strategy Innovation for Development Initiatives sometimes in 2017 (when I registered and began training as part of Bayelsa location group), and graduated as a Partner-member of an organization coming to become a household name and social impacting platform in Nigeria. As I write, SI4DEV now exceed presence more than 27 states of Nigeria.

My sole interest for joining SI4DEV stems from my undying passion and quest to impact my immediate environment with whatever the LORD of gifts has endowed me beginning with my parents strength to that which is intangible up to concrete endowment.

Spanning two decades and counting, I have been involved in active volunteering services from religious circle to social ones; and I have no regrets for the efforts I have been part of. Rather, it swells my gratitude that in one way or the other God who owns my breath has permitted that I be meaningful to some people.

Year 2018 and 2019 were hell for me, filled with troubles, accusations, deprivation. I lost everything I had including my job and was reduced to nothing but a beggar: survived suicide three times. From a comfortable station to a face me and face you apartment (one room) and sharing one bathroom and toilet with more than five (5) persons.

But I am yet grateful to God and to everyone that I called and begged from at that time who responded to me kindly. Thank you all!

Amidst this dilemma of mine, in June/July 2019, SI4DEV advertised a program which although feeling frustrated and fed up of life, I filled the form and I received a positive response as I was named among Assistant Coaches Bayelsa location. And in August Coach Trish who doubles as the SI4DEV Operations Manager, Nigeria flew into Yenagoa and conducted and intensive training for the three of us Tonye, Henry, and Monisola.


Without hesitation, our classes began in earnest. God having it with the benevolence of our first Assistant Coach in Bayelsa State, I was encouraged to take the first class, with emphasis on LEAVING YOUR COMFORT ZONE. From teaching others, I started measuring my own advantages, things I could maximize to feed myself in order to be fit to help others. I thought of what I can do which I never acquired from a formal training… And that is it, I can wash, I mean that I really enjoy washing, cleaning.

But how do I put it to work. In Bayelsa, we buy water, and that alone kills me. It was bad that sometimes I couldn’t afford a bucket to even bath not to talk of cooking. Hence, I planned and relieved after an intensive survey.

In the month of February, I finally took the giant stride. I decided to move from Bayelsa State to a neighboring State, Delta. Where God blessed me with the presence of well-water, and there I launched an SME. I started Smiles Laundry and Cleaning Services. I started with #500 hundred naira. And my customer base daily growing. Although I am yet to rent an office because in the present I cannot afford such, I practice happily and successfully from home. I like for this program to continue, it is changing pattern, causing a paradigm shift among unskilled market persons in Nigeria. Thanks to SBS!

I therefore, recommend that any kind heart individual reading me via our website should robustly support SI4DEV to do more. We are here to socially impact our society. Let me say now, SI4DEV through the platform of SBS is giving life and adding meaning to the hopeless and forgotten ones. I am testifying to that.

Thank you MONI and Bayelsa location team

Thank you Trish @PM SBS by SI4DEV Nigeria.

Thank you all 2018 Partners.

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