The Monkey Village

The village, inhabited by monkeys
So it sounds like the dangling bunch of keys
Can we take a walk, as long as you please?

Here are a people, loving and happy
The source of happiness, a mystery
Holed up in a buzzling city, like a frog in the mid sea

Hunger spread across the households
And shelter remains a mirage
waking up daily with no hope of the sunshine

Hmmm, are you still on this walk?
Tomorrow’s leaders in their large numbers
Abandoned just like tomorrow doesn’t matter

Little Juliet, so bright and intelligent
With so much hope and anxiety
Wants to help sick people get well

Among the many few
Innocent’s dreams remain valid
As valid as mine, who is not even innocent

Juliet and Innocent
Tomorrow’s doctor and lawyer
Along with many great potentials, still waiting to get a future

When will a lost people be so remembered
And not abandoned like the monkeys
Who wander in a treeless desert

A conglomerate of tribes and religions
Well organized for communal relationships
Yet basic amenities do not find them

A talk with Papa Yoo, aged and feeble
So humorous and down to earth
Shows what good are in a people, abandoned!

The sun rises in the city

Yet, the night never gives way in the village

These people eagerly await their sunrise

I bear with me a brilliant torch
As bright as a lamp enclosed in glass
Who will come with more light for this journey?

The journey to a forgotten community
The light needs to shine on the little angels
Bringing hope of a future assured

It is located within a beautiful buzzling city
Inhabited by human beings
Yet it’s called, THE MONKEY VILLAGE

4 thoughts on “The Monkey Village”

  1. Really, i feel more concerned about the children who are ambitious but may not be able to go beyond primary or secondary school.

    Schemes of training on small businesses they can embark upon with low capital as well as financial empowerment (capital) for the mothers ; and scholarship for children who show exceptional brilliance may go a long way.

    All these still in my head though

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