SI4DEV partner, Tomisin Adefare, has almost completed her project supported by The Spring Development Initiative to supply books and other learning materials, as well as mentoring to selected children in Osun state as a way to improve educational achievement in under-resourced schools.

This pilot project to improve school attendance and performance by providing the children with educational materials kicked off in February, providing educational materials and tools to 300 students as a way of encouraging attendance and learning among recipients. The event was showcased on TVC News.

Tomisin Adefare was with her mentees every week after they received the materials.

According to her, “I was about leaving the house to their school when I got a call from one of their teachers that the students were asking of me. They just wanted to check up on me. When i got there, they discussed with me the progress so far with some literature books they are reading. Their representative explained to me what they gained from the book. While listening, I noticed an improvement in their spoken English.

In the most recent visit with the students for follow-up mentoring, she said, “I was at the students school to get the forms because they are finishing their exams today. Some didn’t fill the form. From my questions, I discovered some students don’t have time to read as some hawk after school, some go to farm after school and some stay with their parent at the shop while some filled the form. They only learnt from each other through group discussion. So the problem is from their various homes. If parents can be giving their children time to read, they will always do better. I wished them all the best as they finish their exams. Their resumption is in 2weeks time.”

Lesson learned:. The parents need to be enlightened too. One key to share with the children if opportunity comes again is that they need to give time to what is important to them. Even if 10 mins during break time at school can be used to read.

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