International Women’s Day (IWD) is an occasion for celebrating women’s achievements worldwide – including strides in the political and social sectors, as well as continuing the call for gender equality. The day was first observed in the early 1900s and is now recognized each year on March 8, in a month filled with events to motivate and inspire women around the world.

This year, the theme for the International Women’s Day is Balance for Better which addresses work-life balance for women and the challenges women face juggling responsibilities at work and home. Towards this theme, we are asking you, as a man or woman, how can you and your community support women to balance their life and work better?

Below are stories from eight (8) of our partners and volunteers in Nigeria, and with your help, we can help them break glass ceilings and make a difference for women and girls in their communities.

1.Patricia Okolo
Trish is piloting a girls’ continuing education club in 2 secondary schools in Abuja. She has received approval from relevant education authorities and the pilot will be starting second week of April.

2. Tomisin Adefare
Tomisin was showcased on TVC News for her project to provide learning tools to 200 under-resourced students in Osun State. We’re happy that she will be mentoring 10 high performing students too. Read more…

3. Emmanuella Ikomon
Peer groups for Life Skills is being piloted by Emmanuella at the UBE Girls’ Junior Secondary and at the Apostolic Co-ed School. Over 70 students have enrolled to support each other grow into healthy and confident adults.

4. Julie Obi
Julie is an enterpreneur and has trained 50 Pakuro men and women on confectionery making. 10 women have received start-up funds to begin a cottage business. Read more

5. Veronica Agana
Veronica collaborated with the local government council and community stakeholders to clean up Doka Boys School. The initial waste removal is complete, and work is ongoing on a fence to stop future dumping. Read more…

6. Monisola Aiyekusehin
Monisola is providing vocational training, to include 1 tailoring and 2 shoe making apprenticeships, as well as fashion and catering skills training to another 30 youth. Read more and donate here.

7. Ruke Ejegreh
Ruke is an optometrist and her pilot will give Accessible Eyecare to 1000 school children. The benefits of good eyesight for learning cannot be over-emphasized. So far more than 500 students have been screened!

8. Nwamaka Osu
Barrister Nwamaka is supporting a school in rural Lagos with seminars and counseling unit to reduce mental health issues, depression and drug abuse among students.



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