Patricia Okolo, SI4DEV Alumni and current Operations and Publicity Secretary is piloting a girls’ health and education project in a secondary school situated in a deprived community in Abuja. She received approval from relevant education authorities and the pilot began in the second week of May at Floral Schools Jikwoyi Abuja.

Delivered through a peer support group titled the G- Health Club (Girls rights to Education, sexual and reproductive rights) Pilot Project started on the 15th of May , 2019 with Orientation, sharing of training materials to all 50 girls between the ages of 12 – 16 years, and the pre-survey forms.

The first module Personal values and Goal setting was taken by Patrica Okolo, the lead facilitator of the project. After the module all girls came up with a goal plan and steps to achieving them. Some came up to share their goal plan with the rest of the class. A group leader and Assistant group leader was also chosen, they all came up with class rules and regulation.

Patricia was interviewed by the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday on the Pilot project.

Project coordinator Trish Okolo was also present along with other SI4DEV volunteers at Week two of the SI4DEV G- health club. The week’s topic was on My career and Me, and the facilitators discussed with female students of Floral School Jikwoyi Abuja about their right to education, as well as reproductive and sexual health rights as teenage girls in their local community.

Question of the week: My parents want me to study Medicine but I want to study law, what should I do?

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