We are excited to embark on a new adventure! In order to strengthen our ongoing commitment to grow human capital and eradicate poverty, we have become Street Business School (SBS) certified. This has enabled us add entrepreneurial education to our existing services. SI4DEV is currently the only SBS global catalyst partner in Nigeria!

SBS is a six-month, mobile classroom uniquely tailored to meet the needs of those we serve in our local communities. SBS creates transformation for people living in poverty by building confidence and igniting entrepreneurial skills. Those living in this economic group are most likely to lack the skills and confidence to start their own business. We will help them do just that! SBS has shown to increase income levels by more than 200% within 2 years of graduating. With this added income, those who participate in this project will be able to access these validated results.

SI4DEV is seeking volunteer assistant coaches who are willing to be trained for free by a certified SI4DEV master trainer on using the SBS curriculum to coach local women and youth to start or grow their business using the SBS model. As a volunteer assistant coach, you will support regular and on-the-ground upskilling of selected participants of this program. You will be reimbursed for transport expenses related to this program and given a stipend for refreshments.
Requirement for the role:
• Self-starter, motivated to learn new skills
• Must own a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
• Must reside in one of these locations – Kano, Abuja, Lagos, Bayelsa
• Minimum of a BSc/HND
• Excellent communication and organizing skills
• Have an entrepreneurial mindset
• Willing to visit participants at their business locations within the community
• Interest in community development
Previous experience as a business trainer is a bonus.
If you fit the above requirements click below to apply
Application deadline July 1, 2019

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