In Nigeria, young people in the 10 – 19 age range are the most numerous and yet most overlooked and underrepresented in programs to improve life skills for employability or other positive life outcomes. The Life Skills and Peer Group coaching project will educate and train at least 1000 of these preteens and teenagers and help them become leaders and innovators so they can have multiplier effects in their communities.
SI4DEV believes that grassroots education, engagement and activation are needed to level the playing field, especially for young girls, the disabled, and rural and urban poor youth who have been marginalized or have not participated in empowerment programs in the past.
This project will use participatory and experiential forums and workshops with local stakeholders to train and support children between 10 – 19 years old to befriend and support each other as they learn how to use life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence to achieve positive results. We have developed an educational manual and will use this in addition to supplementary audios, print and videos to highlight and discuss topics relevant to the young people participating.
As a volunteer enabler, you will support regular and on-the-ground upskilling of selected participants of this program.
Requirement for the role
An Enabler for the Life skills project should be someone who:
• Is a self-starter, motivated to learn new skills
• Has worked with young people
• Can create a conducive atmosphere for the participants to trust him/her
• Be open and willing to grow and share personal life lessons
• Can readily counsel young people
• Must be an SI4DEV Volunteer.
• Must reside in one of these locations – Abuja, Jos, Lokoja and Makurdi
• Minimum of a OND/NCE
• Willing to visit local secondary school locations at least weekly
• Interest in community development
You will be reimbursed for transport expenses related to this program and given a stipend for refreshments.
If you fit the above requirements, indicate below.
Application deadline August 19, 2019

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