Peace Actors Network kicked off with the designing and printing of banners and fliers, as well as purchase of food items and PPE on 22nd April 2020. Five volunteers were available to distribute the items. Identification of vulnerable households was done by consulting databases of NGOs implementing OVC and HIV program in the LGA. 25 households were initially selected but increased to forty based on needs. Food items and sanitizer were given to forty households with about 250 people. Foot operated tippy tap was also constructed at twenty locations across the LGA. The project finished on 29th April, 2020.

Activities: We identified and donated food items and PPE to forty households. The additional fifteen came up due to complaints from the beneficiaries that their equally vulnerable neighbours would not allow them “enjoy” the provisions. Foot-operated tippy taps have been constructed in twenty locations across the LGA and handwashing
demonstration done. The locations include two village head compounds,
seventeen clustered settlements, and a mill. Public sensitization, by sharing
fliers and pasting of banners at handwashing stations, on COVID-19 prevention was done at the levels of households, village square, mill, and public places.
Outputs created: Forty vulnerable households each have been given food items including one bucket of rice, one bucket of beans, four pieces of Maggi, one sachet of salt, oil, and 4 pieces of onion, a container of sanitizer, and a soap. Twenty foot-operated tippy taps have been constructed in the households’ settlements. Over 500 people live in these settlements and have access to handwashing.

Lessons learned / solutions
Increased number of vulnerable people identified in the course of the project and we have learnt that we need to make contingency plans particularly in cases that have to do with vulnerable people living in clustered settlements.
A total of one hundred thousand naira (100,000) was budgeted for the implementation of the project. The budget covered purchase of food items, PPE and transport. However, an additional 35,800 was spent to complete the project as needs arose in the course of implementation.

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