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The social development space is a place filled with different needs and for this reason, many feel it is important to form an organization to proffer a solution to these problems. In doing so, many nongovernmental organizations are formed, both registered and unregistered. Sometimes, in the course of doing this, there are countless organizations with the aim of providing a solution to a perceived problem.

As time goes on, in a bid to sustain, these organizations begin to struggle for every possible available fund or grant they find online. They begin to see the next NGO as their competition. Even when they have the platform to join another organization to make more impact, they withdraw and find ways to organize a similar project in THEIR name.

Competition shouldn’t be the spirit in the social development space especially when everyone and organization are working towards making long-lasting positive impacts in the lives of others. The focus here should be on how organizations can partner and make a more positive impact. Rather than see one another as competition, NGOs need to start embracing one another towards a common goal. Only when collaboration is seen as the new competition, many organizations will keep finding it hard to make the positive change they desire.

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