SI4DEV is committed to improving the health of local communities in Nigeria and support local partners so they can achieve and maintain community trust and expand their network.

Our health network provides a forum for stakeholders to advocate and engage on health related local issues, including the medical and public health sectors, policy makers and non-governmental organisations. We promote individual and collective campaigns, towards ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all.

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Our current partners target reproductive health and research into local health systems, with the goal of improving the health service delivery and increasing people’s access health services.

1. SlideSafe from MerDroits (

MerDroits is a health tech company that provides online access to affordable, shame-free and judgment-free sexual health education, consultation and contraceptives sales. Access is a big barrier to the use of available sexual and reproductive health services and products in Nigeria.

Traditional service providers, fueled by their biases, tend to infringe on the rights of young people to access available sexual services. Women, particularly, are made to feel they are doing something wrong if healthcare providers do not sensitively handle requests for sexual health products or services.

Slide Safe is the pioneer innovative product from MerDroits and is a discreet safety companion for sexually active people who value confidentiality, and the convenience of getting their needs met with as little stress as possible. Slide Safe is discretely delivered to customers, at their preferred drop-off location and time.

MerDroits also leads online sexual health education/ advocacy and behavioral change communication through MerDroits60, a community that enables open conversations about sexual and reproductive health and rights on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The MerDroits60 series is a gateway for everyone to share his or her stories, and help educate others about sex and sexuality.

2. Bloom Research, Jos

Bloom Research is a research hub that assists in data mining and in-depth analysis and acts as a consultancy for members of academic communities, policy makers and other stakeholders. They partnered with the SI4DEV Initiative to examine the feasibility of establishing a Public Health Research Centre in Jos North and Jos South Local Governments Areas; study current practice and make recommendations.

The study included a systematic review of relevant databases, with 25 personal and phone interviews of local community members, health workers and opinion leaders in Jos North and South Local Governments. Participants were sampled on their perception and priorities, potential barriers and opportunities for the establishment of a community health research enterprise.

The conclusion is that there are currently no health focused enterprise or innovation in the study area to tackle the spread of diseases and a lack of coordinated efforts among sectors responsible for public health care.

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  1. sound health brought about sound mind. we should allow good health in our society. nice concept,thanks Mrs nkem for this programme, I really appreciate your efforts here. your vision is really yielding a good results.

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