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Philemon Manchang Noah is an undergraduate student from the department of chemical engineering , Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He currently live in Kaduna state but a Plateau state base.He is also currently working on establishing a NGO for the purpose of creating a platform for effective teaching and learning and also providing scholarship most especially to the less privilege in the society. Manchang is an active member of YALI Network Face2Face facebook page. His areas of interest include education, health, girl's right, poverty alleviation and politics.
Plateau, Langtang N
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Getting Over Your Past
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We all have a past, which could be our excuses, our fear, our prison or even our obsession. But to the future one thing is certain, until we break those chains that tie us to our prison, we can never… Read More

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Opportunity Lost, is Not Loss of Life
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Opportunity as people sometimes could say come but once, which means once opportunity is lost, it will not come back again and you end up living a life of conviction. I disagree to agree with that school of thoughts. An… Read More

Be An Entrepreneur
6 years ago 9 Comments

For seven days, a week, I live in a jungle. Not the kind with towering trees and tangled vines, of course my jungle is made up of economic climate and political activities. Instead of monkeys and parrots, the ecosystem burst… Read More

6 years ago 7 Comments

Article by Philemon Manchang The say which says that ‘educating a girl is watering another man’s garden’ is true because better lives for girls means better lives for everyone in their community- their brothers, fathers, future husbands and sons. In… Read More