Opportunity as people sometimes could say come but once, which means once opportunity is lost, it will not come back again and you end up living a life of conviction. I disagree to agree with that school of thoughts.

An opportunity lost is not a life lost, so be strong and be hopeful, there will be other opportunities as long as you still have life. That means, being alive is the most paramount thing. Be consoled by the fact that each brand new day you find yourself in, alive and healthier is a perfect gift to you. Make the best of it by accepting it with joy trying once again to get those things you wants. Remember, some people are not so unlucky, they are no longer here. They are gone for so long, leaving behind big unfulfilled dreams.

Be strong when the heart is faint and weak, because if you’re weak, it blinds up opportunities.

So let the gift of every brand new day ignite your source of inspiration to approach life and its problems with excitement, positive expectation and the determination to be happy regardless of the outcome. Don’t ever let failure rob you of hope for a better future. When you miss an opportunity, be hopeful because a missed opportunity could come back in another form. But you must be dynamic and proactive in order not to miss again.

You must never give up on life while you still have the gift of life.

14 thoughts on “Opportunity Lost, is Not Loss of Life”

  1. Wow, great! You inspire me. Please keep writing. Let your light shine for the world to see.

    Once I thought that loosing an opportunity was loosing my destiny. I was in depression for years, but afterwards, I came out strong. Opportunity is in every day that comes our way. Most times, we think of the past while today is fading away. Sometimes we think it’s far away, when it’s just with us. So, opportunity does come again and again.

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