We all have a past, which could be our excuses, our fear, our prison or even our obsession. But to the future one thing is certain, until we break those chains that tie us to our prison, we can never never move forward.
Bitterness is like a chain around the neck of your potentials, goals, dreams; choking the life out of your freedom and joy, making even the sweet taste of success turn sour in your mouth.
It is very hard for humans to let go of the past which might have resulted from their ignorance, but it doesn’t still matter. All you need to do is learn to receive forgiveness from God and from those that you may have hurt and also offer it to thosewho may hurt you. When you do these, your heart will be tender, your spirit will be ligh, your mind will be free, your vision will be clear and your speech will be filled with kindness.
Life is too short to be an “in mate” in the “prison” of past mistakes. Have you heard of that prison? Its jailers are guilt and regret and if you let them, they’ll hold you captive, torturing you with images of what could have been, if only you let them be.
Always remember that remorse has no power to change the past. It only robs you of your peace and happiness. Therefore, let go of your past and be free of its snares.

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