Dear Friends and Supporters,

The past year was incredibly challenging but rewarding and we have been fortunate to develop a network of supporters and volunteers like you who all have contributed to our success. Please find attached our annual report with more details.

With that in mind, we are excited to look into the future and plan another year of training and mentorship programs, new partnerships and exciting community projects.

At SI4DEV we strongly believe in the power of collaboration and partnership towards the sustainable development goals. We would love to share resources and experiences with anyone passionate about grassroots leadership development and sustainable economic growth.

We will continue to review and refine our curriculum and instructional framework in order to ensure it caters to the different capacity levels and learning styles of participants. We want to ensure participants gain experience and skills in core areas like team work, needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability.

A key part of this process is sponsoring micro-projects to prepare beneficiaries to implement and scale innovative products and services. Supported pilots in this past year included advocacy campaigns, vocational skills training, voter education, hand-washing promotions, setting up school-based clubs, and capacity building for civil society groups.

In addition to that, mobilizing and up-skilling volunteers as community builders remains an important priority to us. We provided mentors and resources to promote critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, professionalism and other soft skills necessary for the work place and for community development projects. We encouraged top-performing trainees through grants in their pursuit of personal leadership development.

In the upcoming years we plan to increase our capacity for scholarships and other funding to ensure that our program participants in developing communities gain access to resources and learning experiences necessary for their success. With further support from our partners and donors we plan to maintain and grow these programs further.

Finally, we are continuously expanding our search for volunteers and members. Talented individuals willing to dedicate their time and skills as mentors, or towards specific projects like producing case studies or analysing our data are highly welcome. We are also seeking financial contributions to boost our capacity and bring in the necessary resources to grow and expand the mission.

On behalf of everyone at SI4DEV we would like to thank you for the amazing year and we look forward to new opportunities!

Have a wonderful 2019!

SI4DEV 2018 Annual Report

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